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Adhock Thai Lime & Mango Wine Bottle Candle


Eco-friendly and unique, these handcrafted candles are
upcycled from original wine bottles and not only makes a
stunning gift, but by reusing post-consumer waste also makes an
active difference to our planet.

The bottles are cut and polished to ensure a smooth and safe edge,
whilst the premium slow-burn and sustainably-sourced soy wax
has been hand poured in small batches to provide you with the
highest quality artisan candle.

Vegan friendly, sustainably sourced ingredients, cruelty free, 100%
recycled/ recyclable/ biodegradable packaging.

A tropical and fruity fragrance with mouth-watering lime, mango,
lemon and passion fruit, enhanced by a heart of peach and resting
on a base of musky dried fruits.

Top notes: lime, mango, lemon, passionfruit, pineapple.
Middle notes: peach.
Base notes: musk, dried fruits.
Size: ~250g
Burn time: ~50 hours

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